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From Mountain to Tap - NYWD’s Water Infrastructure

Ever wonder how your water gets from the mountain creeks to your tap, garden or farm?  In this series we’ll highlight foundational parts of our water infrastructure and will explore the critical role each plays in providing clean and safe drinking water to our community.


A dam overflowing with water surrounded by trees.

Slate Creek Diversion

The Slate Creek Diversion is a low dam on Slate Creek, with a tunnel through the mountain that can divert our water into Sly Creek Reservoir. As of March 21, 2024, water is spilling over the dam (shown in the photo) because Sly Creek Reservoir is full.

Slate Creek Diversion empties into New Bullards Bar Reservoir when the tunnel is closed. It can also convey water for irrigation and domestic use to the North Yuba Water District. Additionally, the Slate Creek Diversion conveys water for power generation for the South Feather Power Project – the Project has water rights for power generation that are jointly owned by North Yuba Water District and South Feather Water and Power since the 1950s.


A tranquil lake with sparkling water, surrounded by a forest and a rocky shore under a clear blue sky.

Sly Creek Reservoir

This is Sly Creek Reservoir on March 21, 2024.  It is currently quite full, but there is enough space left for the snowmelt that is expected to still come down the mountains.

Sly Creek Reservoir gets water from two tunnels: the Slate Creek tunnel and the South Fork Feather River tunnel. Our water is stored here until it’s time to deliver to our customers.

It’s a beautiful place to go for a walk, ride bikes, fish and go camping.

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