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Thank you to the Yuba Feather Museum for use of the photos below. If you would like to share any old photos of the "Miner's Ditch" or any element of our water district, please email email@nywd.org. Enjoy!

"Miner's Ditch" - Now "Forbestown Ditch"
"Miner's Ditch" - Now "Forbestown Ditch"
Flume Construction on the Miner's Ditch
Finished Flume on the Miner's Ditch
Head Dam, above the Forbestown Ditch, near Clipper Mills, c.1911
A section of the Flume is currently on display at the Yuba Feather Museum in Forbestown. This section came out of the Woodleaf area.
"One could walk for miles along the miner's ditch in either direction and never fail to catch a trout."
- Rosemarie Mossinger
Miner's Ditch, now Forbestown Ditch, near Woodleaf
Pictured: Mossinger's sister

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