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February News

February 2024 Newsletter

General Manager's Message

After several challenging months, I am thrilled to report that your North Yuba Water District (NYWD) has made the necessary course corrections and is now working with a shared vision and purpose. Your Board of Directors, leadership and staff are committed to building and improving operational efficiency, customer communication, water service delivery and water quality.

We are dedicated to operating in a transparent manner and have undertaken several steps to ensure that our customers and potential customers have access to accurate, timely and easy-to-access information related to district operations and water supply.

You can now find in-depth information related to NYWD’s operations, current and past improvement projects, board meeting agendas and related information, as well as district financials and more on our new, improved website and recently launched customer newsletter.

We have also been busy rebuilding relationships with state and government agencies, our elected representatives, as well as neighboring water districts and industry associations. We are gratified our efforts have helped to rebuild trust and goodwill and have opened the doors to partnerships and opportunities that will benefit district customers.

These efforts include seeking grant funding, when available, to repair and replace seriously neglected conveyance infrastructure, address deferred maintenance issues, and to support water delivery improvements.

We are grateful to receive such funding from Yuba Water Agency, which recognized the devastating consequences that a flume failure would have for our customers. Their assistance enabled NYWD to make crucial repairs and restart water deliveries to our irrigation customers. For the first time in several years, we were able to complete a full irrigation season.

Looking forward, our ongoing goals for the year include:

  • Further repairs to secure irrigation water supply
  • Taking steps to improve domestic water quality
  • Beginning to add new customers who live in the district and do not currently receive irrigation or domestic water services

We hope you will utilize the new website and take time to read our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date and receive accurate information on District news and activities.

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