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NYWD Receives $104,000 Grant from Yuba Water Agency

November 3 2021

At yesterday's Board Meeting, Yuba Water committed more than $1.4 million to water education, water management and more.

​“The board’s actions today further solidify the role of Yuba Water in supporting a wide range of projects that have a direct, tangible impact on our communities, our children and the future of Yuba County,” said board chairman Andy Vasquez.

​A $104,000 grant from the agency will support a water conservation quantification and expanded water use feasibility study for the North Yuba Water District. The study will evaluate the district’s facilities, including a review of conservation measures and potential economic growth opportunities within its service area based on possible water conservation measures. The study will also support the district’s Forbestown Ditch Pipeline Replacement Project, which will improve water conveyance in the area and increase efficiency by reducing raw water loss and minimizing water contamination.


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