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Irrigation Update: March 6, 2023

Applications for the 2023 Irrigation season were sent out on 3/1/2023.

Please complete and return to the District office along with the amount due from the last page of the application by April 1, 2023.

  • Memo from, Interim General Manager, Leona Harris

As the 2023 Irrigation season approaches, I want to assure everyone we are doing everything possible

During this time to complete repairs and maintenance on both the Forbestown Ditch, and the Dobbins Oregon House canal in preparation for the start of the Irrigation season.

We are working together with South Feather under our mutual aid agreement to complete Shotcrete for several large sections on the Forbestown Ditch that are high water loss areas. We are also in the process of putting Shotcrete on portions of the Dobbins Oregon House Canal, to drive down losses and working towards a successful irrigation delivery.

Work on both are being completed as weather permits.

 2023 Irrigation Application     NYWD Irrigation Water Policy Adopted February 23, 2023 
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