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Irrigation Update: April 6, 2023

Repairs on the Dobbins Oregon House canal have finally started!

Due to weather delays, repair work on our water conveyance infrastructure started later than we originally hoped. However, now that the rain and snow have stopped falling, District staff has been working hard with the contractors we hired to get the job done.

Approximately 1200’ ft should be completed today.

Bad weather has also prevented us from repairing other high water loss areas that carry irrigation water, and those areas need to be repaired to allow a successful irrigation season. For this reason, the irrigation this year will start on May 1ˢᵗ. No one wants any delays, but the District’s water conveyance system has needed repairs for a very long time, and there is a lot to get done. Check this page for updates as repairs continue and this year’s irrigation season begins.

Irrigation Update: April 6, 2023


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