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Customer Alert - Water Use During Fires

September 9 2020

This is an important message for North Yuba Water District customers. It’s currently September 9th at 4:00pm. I’m Jeff Maupin, North Yuba Water District General Manager. It is extremely important that you avoid all unnecessary water use at this time.

​There is currently no fire in the District and none of the District infrastructure is currently threatened. Please do not leave your sprinklers on for an extended time and please do not use massive amounts of water to soak your property. These actions are currently draining the water supply and may result in a lack of water available to fire personnel should the fire move into our District.

​Again, this is September 9th at 4:00pm, please avoid all unnecessary water use so that ample water supply is available to fire personnel if needed.

​Please share this message with your neighbors and report any excessive water waste through our website form at w-w-w-dot-n-y-w-d-dot-org

​For updated Yuba County emergency information and to sign-up for the county’s CodeRed alert system, visit w-w-w-dot-be-prepared-yuba-dot-org

​Thank you for your support in conserving water during this critical time.


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