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April 17, 2020

NYWD Customer Newsletter

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March 16, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE: NYWD Office Closed to the Public

​To minimize personal contact, we are closing our office to the public. While our office is closed, our Staff is still available to assist with your needs. Our phone lines will remain open during regular business hours, from 7:30am to 4:00pm to provide customer service, and take payments via debit/credit card (530) 675-2567.

You can use our website to make payments via debit/credit card.

Or choose to use our mail slot to the right of the door, to drop off checks or applications.

 We apologize for the inconvenience and hope our community understands.

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January 22, 2020

NYWD Customer Newsletter

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November 20, 2019

NYWD Customer Newsletter

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October 17, 2019

NYWD Customer Newsletter

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October 15, 2019


Yuba Water Agency approves grant for project to provide reliable, safe drinking water

MARYSVILLE, Calif. (Oct. 15, 2019) -- Residents in Challenge, Rackerby, Brownsville and Forbestown will have a more reliable, safe drinking water supply with the help of funding from Yuba Water Agency. 


The grant, worth up to $225,725, was approved today by the water agency and provides the necessary funds for the North Yuba Water District to continue its Forbestown Ditch to Pipeline Replacement Project, which is the conveyance system that provides water to approximately 3,100 customers in the foothill communities. 


“This is a very good project that will be extremely beneficial to the community,” said Yuba Water Agency Vice Chairman Randy Fletcher. “It will ensure that North Yuba Water District customers have better access to a reliable supply of safe drinking water.”


Water is currently delivered through an unpiped ditch, which has experienced multiple breaches in the past. Additionally, up to 60 percent of the water traveling down the ditch is lost due to seepage and evaporation, and the remaining is prone to contamination from dirt, trash, metals and illegal marijuana grows.


“Piping the ditch will vastly improve, if not completely resolve, the issues that we currently experience,” said NYWD General Manager Jeff Maupin. “This will be extremely beneficial for delivering water to our customers and curtailing the amount of water that is currently lost.”


NYWD will use the funding from Yuba Water Agency for the next phase of the project, which includes, but is not limited to, California Environmental Quality Act work, landowner agreements and further grant preparations. 

Yuba Water Agency invests in infrastructure projects like this to ensure access to a safe, reliable water supply for Yuba County residents, which is one of the agency’s primary mission areas.    


September 24, 2019

Forbestown Ditch Piping Project Plan Approved

In a major milestone for the Forbestown Ditch Piping Project, the North Yuba Water District (NYWD) Board of Directors approved the Project plans and scope of work during a special meeting earlier this month.

Approximately two years ago, NYWD received a $500,000 planning grant from the California State Water Resources Control Board “Prop 1 funds” to complete this engineering phase of the Project, including creation of a construction plan and final construction budget, now estimated at $10 Million.

With help from a second grant, awarded Monday from the Yuba Water Agency for $225,000, the Project will continue uninterrupted into permitting and environmental reviews, the final phase before construction.

Originally dug in the 1860’s, the Forbestown Ditch is an unlined, open canal, approximately 10 miles long. The Ditch conveys water to the NYWD Treatment Pond, and is the sole source of drinking water for approximately 3,100 residents of Brownsville, Challenge, Rackerby and Forbestown.

Moving to a piped Ditch will lower the possibility of breaches like the those recently experienced in 2017 and 2018. A piped Ditch will also save a significant amount of water lost from seepage and evaporation, increase the amount of water available for customers and eliminate a vast majority of dirt, trash and contamination from entering the treatment pond.

“Our customers have endured massive blowouts on the Ditch, and periods of uncertainty with their drinking water,” said NYWD General Manager, Jeff Maupin. “Piping the Ditch was literally a ‘pipe dream’ until a few years ago. Now through the actions of our Board of Directors and the availability of Prop 1 funds, piping the Ditch is finally a possibility.”

NYWD was recently designated as a Severely Disadvantaged Community (SDAC) with an annual median household income less than 60 percent of the Statewide annual income. Potential funding sources to complete the construction include an additional Prop 1 grant of up to $5 Million from the State and a matching grant of up to $5 Million from the Yuba Water Agency.

“This is truly an historic project for the North Yuba Water District,” said Randy Fletcher, Yuba County Supervisor and Yuba Water Agency Director. “When you consider the Ditch was constructed when Abraham Lincoln was President, these residents are long overdue for a safe, secure way to receive their water.”

The Forbestown Ditch has quite a storied past. First called the “Miner’s Ditch,” the Ditch and the District have changed ownership and names several times, and weathered numerous epic blowouts over its 150 years. Historical photos of the “Miner’s Ditch” are on the NYWD website, and an actual segment of an old wooden flume, used to repair a breached segment of the Ditch, is on display at the Forbestown Museum.

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September 11, 2019

NYWD Customer Newsletter

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September 10, 2019

State Water Resource Control Board Ends Investigation of NYWD, Finds No Wrongdoing

Complaints by two local unnamed residents were filed with the State Water Board, claiming NYWD had intentionally submitted misleading statements in a grant application. This prompted an investigation which was closed today and a statement was issued by the State Water Resource s Control Board Office of Enforcement clearing NYWD of all allegations:

"CONCLUSIONS: The investigation did not find credible evidence of an intentional omission of facts, misrepresentation, or fabrication of data that would alter the eligibility of the grant application. The Quit Claim relationship between NYWD and SFWPA was provided in the application. Reliable aluminum data showing exceedances of the MCL in the ditch water was provided by the NYWD in their application, and that data was not treated by the DFA as significant in ranking the application. The DFA acknowledged the benefit to irrigation water customers as well as to domestic users in their evaluation of the application prepared by Northstar and Mr. Maupin on behalf of the NYWD. The grant application was reviewed, in accordance with the DFA’s standard practice, in a 19-step process documented in the application assessment package. The application package provided by NYWD was compliant with State Water Board requirements, and as a result the Forbestown Ditch Planning Project was determined to be eligible for funding."

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