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Board of Directors

NYWD is governed by a five member Board of Directors. Directors are elected to serve four year terms (three Directors elected in one election and two during the next election). 

Elections for the District's five member Board of Directors are held on even numbered years. For more information on election procedures and deadlines, please visit

NYWD Division Map

Division 1 - Vacant
Term 2020-2024

Division 2 - Steve Ronneberg
Term 2020-2024

Division 3 - Gloria Bozza
Term 2020-2024

Division 4 - Marieke Furnee
Term 2022-2026

Division 5 - Ann Plumb
Term 2022-2026

Leona Harris - Interim General Manager                

Heidi Naether - Finance Manager    

Leona Harris - Office Manager          


Water Specialists & Field Staff

Robert Sullivan                                  

​Tony Reynoso                                         

Jeremy Dimmett                                    

Danny Bowles                                        


Kyle Moulder                                         

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